How does Abundant Life HCS service differ from other companies?

Abundant Life is different from other companies because of our dedication to our consumers on a personal level. We pride ourselves on the personal relationships that we work so hard to maintain with our consumers. Also we are a privately owned and operated company. If a problem should arise you will always have direct access to the owners. We made Mt. Pleasant, Texas the home of our corporate office because of its central location. We now also have branch offices in the Dallas and Paris Areas, to help us maintain the best possible care for your families. We believe that it is very important to choose a company that will work with you and your families needs. We also are well aware that nobody knows or cares for your family member better than you. That is why we are completely dedicated to listening to you and helping to direct you on this difficult journey.

What is your staff selection process?

Abundant Life seeks care staff that has Genuine compassion and patience for individuals with disabilities. We know that not everyone seeking employment has the patience to work with our customers, so the process we use to choose potential staff is very rigorous. First we run a criminal background check to see if they have a record. Then we run several Texas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services employability status checks to verify if an applicant has been reported for being abusive in the past. This helps to ensure the safety of your family members. If they have no record or abuse allegations then we are ready to move on  to the final step. We then check the references from their previous employment. This will tell us what kind of character they have, and if they are reliable. It also helps us to find out if they are able to do the job. This system helps us to choose staff that is both loving and qualified to take care of your family members.


What training do you provide to staff?

Abundant Life provides a continual training and learning environment. Our Registered Nurse has an extensive background in the medical field and she provides training to the care staff on a regular basis. Our case manager and administration attends regular training from the Department of Aging and Disabilities.

How do you screen staff?

Everyone seeking employment does not have the patience to work with individuals with disabilities. Abundant Life seeks employees that “have a heart” for individuals with disabilities. If an employee shows anger or aggression toward the consumer they are immediately fired.

How does Abundant Life differ from other providers – what are Abundant Life’s strengths?

Abundant Life’s difference is the genuine love, care, and compassion we have for our consumers. Also, we realize that you know more about your love than we or other professionals. Therefore, we listen to you when it comes to offering services to your family member.

How will Abundant Life help you achieve your personal goals for my love one?

Abundant Life’s case managers will work with you to assist you in achieving the goals you have. We will listen to you and implement objectives that you want to achieve. You know your loved one and we are here to listen and help.

Is Abundant Life willing to develop individualized and creative methods to meet goals?

Yes, Abundant Life’s motto is “individual care for individual needs”. We pride ourselves on developing creative services to our consumers. Our team often “brainstorms” to develop creative plans and services.


What process does Abundant Life use to determine what is important to you?

Abundant Life listens very closely to you and we implement into our program your requests. We conduct an assessment of the consumer. This assessment allows you to have input on developing the program.

How receptive will Abundant Life be if there is a problem or concern?

Abundant Life realizes that problems will arise; however, we look at problems as an opportunity to improve the situation. We welcome discussions of any problems. Again, we are locally owned, you may talk to the owners directly, this will allow for quick resolution for any problem.

What is the complaint process for Abundant Life?

Abundant Life encourages complaints, so that we may improve services to our consumers. However, if you know of someone being abused or you suspect abuse of someone you are required to report it to 1-800-647-7418. Other complaints can be made to the case manager or the program director.

How and in what areas does Abundant Life offer choices?

We offer choice in the following areas:

  • Choice of services we provide
  • Choice of where the consumer lives
  • Choice of roommates
  • Choice of day habilitation or workshop
  • Choice of when there are home visits
  • Choice of professional services (doctor, dentist, etc.)
  • Choice of social activitiesWill the consumer have a choice of staff?

    Yes, Abundant Life will seek to accommodate the consumer with choice of staff as much as possible. If there is a problem with a staff, Abundant Life will switch staff to accommodate the consumer.

What knowledge does Abundant Life have about self- determination or person directed services?

Abundant Life staff regularly attends training at the Texas Department of Aging and Disability and our staff is up to date on self-determination services.

In residential situations can the consumer choose roommates or participate in activities of choice?

Yes, Abundant Life’s freedom of choice policy allow for discussion to satisfy the consumer with choice of roommates or activities.

How will Abundant Life support the consumer in maintaining personal relationships?

We encourage our consumers to maintain personal relationship. Abundant Life offers a private phone for private conversations, transportations to visit family and friends and we welcome visitors at anytime.

How will Abundant Life work to improve services?

We are constantly re-evaluating our program to improve our services. We mail a confidential survey to our consumers and their families. This survey is taken very seriously and we analyze our services from what you report on these surveys.